Kramer GP2-R Are Ready To Race

Kramer GP2-R Are Ready To Race

The Krämer GP2-R is the sister motorcycle of the limited edition KTM RC 8c, sold in less than 30 minutes. The trader uses a KTM 890 Parallel Twin Engine, housed in a chassis designed only for the track. The GP2-R is a high-end racing bike that inspired the RC 8C, but it is available unlike the KTM and is ready to race or just have fun

Story: Adam Child “Chad”

Photograph: Tim Keeton /Impact Images

Don’t worry, if you’ve never heard of merchants, most haven’t. The company was founded by Marcus Krämer, a former KTM employee, to build road bikes with KTM engines as a platform. This is not Krämer’s first bike, they are already producing a single-cylinder 690 EVO2-R that weighs only 125 kilograms and makes 85 hp, and a 790 Twin with the engine of the KTM Duke 2018.

However, this is the last bike from the German factory: the custom GP2-R with the recent 890 unit that normally powers KTM’s 890 Duke R. And yes, this is the sister wheel of Ktms RC 8C, made in limited numbers (100 have been built) and sold almost immediately. The RC 8C was built in collaboration with Krämer – they are essentially the same bikes – except for the different body and fenders. However, unlike the KTM, you can buy a trader today for more reasonable – just paint it orange.

That is, a track bike ready to race. It was never designed to comply with the Euro 5 standard or to accommodate luggage or a passenger; it was specially designed for the runway. This suggests that the design team could focus directly on lap times and not have to worry about comfort or mirrors.

This means that it produces 130 horsepower like KTM’s road bike, but weighs only 140 kg (dry). This is a very delicate motorcycle: fuel tank under the seat, smooth Pirelli rubber, light dymag wheels, fully adjustable WP suspension in front and rear, multi-adjustable chassis… Yes, the seat height, tilt angle and fork offset can all be adjusted. There are also Brembo Stylema brake calipers, wet and dry engine maps, as well as adjustable engine brakes, up and down quick switch, steering damper, serious crash protection, brake protection and Dash/Logger GPS. Even titanium screws are pre-drilled and wired.

The Grocer is a track ready, Over-the-Counter road bike. Just come to a track day or a race meeting; no need for a Troll starter or a boxing team. The KTM series Engine starts like a Road Bike at the push of a Button, but here the Similarities stop. Agreed, is a lot of money for a bike that you can only ride on the track. It is essentially a toy, like a high-end Kit Racing car. However, if you were to buy a racing bike and convert it into a racing bike with a similar specification to the GP2-R that can go around a circuit at the same time (reliably), you would have to spend on top.

From the box, the GP2-R is able to sit in the middle of the field in the hotly contested British Supersport Championship against GP2 motorcycles, which are mainly expensive old Moto2s and highly tuned Supersport 600s on the road. This was proved at a”demonstration” at the BSB meeting in Donington Park. A Standard salesman entered the Top 25 despite his Standard KTM 890 Twin, Standard suspension tuning and a rider who had never sat on the motorcycle before.

Adjust the Multi-Adjustment chassis, align the rider, and it can be a Top 15 bike or even Top 10 at the national level, with a standard engine. Suddenly seems like a bit of a bargain. Here the traders worked their magic. Those who want to make the perfect cake need the right ingredients – and the marketers have done just that. At first, the GP2-R swings on the scales with only 140 kg. Then we have a fully adjustable and highly specialized WP suspension at the front and rear. Add light dymag wheels, Pirelli Superbike Slick rubber, Brembo Stylema brakes, Hyper Pro steering dampers, light racing chain-he ticked all the boxes. You can change the fork offset between 26 and 28 millimeters, the rake and the Trail, the seat height, the handlebar position and of course the suspension. Everything is there to make the perfect cake.

But if you’re intimidated by the prospect of Suspension Tuning, don’t be. We deliberately drove the bike in standard equipment and it certainly delivers. I didn’t know what to expect from a slightly heavier machine than a Route 125, with a huge smooth rubber and the newest suspension and brakes, but even with the default settings, you have to recalibrate to get by.