Music Therapy Is Good For Pets

Music Therapy Is Good For Pets

For many people, music is a calming force. We love it when we are sad, happy, nostalgic or tired. And our pets love it too! Animal experts have been singing the praises of music therapy for pets for years. Read this information in our blog, Appreciation of Music for Hairy Ears.

Pets and music therapy

Music can relax animals and relieve separation anxiety, hyperactivity and mild forms of aggression. The music has also been credited with stimulating spirit of your pets!

Although music can be used as a useful therapeutic tool to calm pets, remember that your pet has a distinctive way of hearing things. What does it mean? Dogs and cats listen to the same music differently than their human counterparts-the sound frequency is largely responsible. Dogs can hear sounds up to 40,000 Hz, and the hearing of a cat ranges from 100 to 60,000 Hz. It’s loud! Be sure to keep the decibel low when your pet’s sensitive ears are in play-avoid swinging for solo car rides!

While classical, light jazz, environmental sounds, and lullabies always find the right note, you and your pet need to do quantitative research.

Some tips: Keep the music at a lower volume level and play samples from different artists, sounds, instruments and ambient sounds. Experts agree on such classical favorites as Chopin, Mozart and Beethoven. Watch your pet and determine what sound it responds to by settling down, falling asleep or concentrating. Pets must have friendly acoustic music to promote the feeling of safety, so once again – keep the volume down.

Sometimes your pet just needs to lie down and enjoy the peace and quiet while enjoying the musical atmosphere.

Here are a few favorites, CD dog-easy listening:

  • While You’re Gone: Music Animals Love It
  • Relaxation For My Pet and Me: Janet Marlow
  • Soothing Stories and Music for the Solo Dog: Debi Weldon
  • Music for Pets: Music for Pets
  • The best Cat Music CD in the world: Pet Melodies Research Institute for Music and Rhythms of Pets
  • The best dog music CD in the world: Research Institute for Music and Rhythms of Pets
  • Songs To Make Dogs Happy: Laurel Canyon Animal Company

The best pet houses provide a safe and challenging environment for your pet. Good music can help create an atmosphere that relaxes, engages and entertains your pet (even when you’re not at home!).