Poses To Show Off Your Wedding Shoes

Poses To Show Off Your Wedding Shoes

Bridal shoes are important to us. They are not an afterthought. Finding the perfect pair of bridal heels is one of the best purchases in all of the wedding planning.

And if you agree, you will know that it is just as important to get the perfect photo of the wedding shoe. Don’t waste all the time and money you spent on the perfect bridal heel by hiding it under your dress all day. That’s why we turned to the popular wedding shoe designer Bella Belle Shoes to learn the poses that will allow you to hold your dream shoes in the most fashionable way.

Below you will find the best poses to remember to show off your wedding shoes. In addition, Bella Belle Shoes gives us the best beauty tips so that your skin shines and your shoes look fabulous.

Pro Tip: Pin your favorite photos and send them to your photographer if you want to make sure you get the photo on your wedding day!

Stretch your straps in an upright position

Yes, we have all seen the photo on which the bride ties or ties her straps. Usually you can see the shoes, her knees and the top of her head while she looks down to tie.

What makes this Pose and photo shine is that the bride did not bend forward and down, but raised her leg and sat up straight. Sitting up straight, your dress and face will be highlighted better and you will get a taller and longer look.

Use ladders, stairs and levels

Hadn’t you imagined a former art director as part of your wedding needs? Believe us, your shoe photos will receive a major upgrade. Ladders, steps and even the stand on a countertop or shelf leave your legs long and really show off those heels. Placing your foot on something higher can put your foot in a better light and give your photographer a better composition. Drape your dress to the side for extra appeal.

Keeping Your Bridal Shoes On

Would you rather not show your feet for photos? It’s actually pretty cute to pose with your wedding shoes in hand. Keep your heels gently on the straps on the side. This way you can show off your heels and dress at the same time. Or your cozy bridal apartment in both hands in front of your dress for a Classic wedding photo

Best standing bridal shoe poses

Stand up straight, twist one knee and point to The toe. This gives you a longer leg and attractive curves.

The model walk: pretend you’re walking on the catwalk. Take long steps, each leg walking directly in front of you in the middle. Your legs will look long, and your shoes will be the center of attention.

Once you have put on your heels, you can give the impression that you have put them on standing. Lift your leg closest to the camera and grab your heel as if adjusting it a little. This is a very composed and artistic version of the photo “putting on shoes”.

Bridal shoes laying flat

Ask your photographer or Planner to lay a bridal shoe flat for an editorial Look. Just pull your bridal shoes on a textured background in a pretty light. Or you can add your flowers, stationery, jewelry and other wedding details to add a nice background to your wedding gallery and Album.

The Best Tips from Bella Belle Shoes

Make sure your legs and feet are clean and hydrated so that your images shine healthy. Apply your Lotion immediately after towel drying. Apply baby oil to create glowing skin.

Show Off Your Manicure, if Your Toes Open Shoes. No broken nails on the most important day.

Practice walking around your house in your shoes before the big day so that you look effortless in your poses and all day long.

Make sure the shoes fit well. Too small and your feet will look crushed in the pictures, especially since our feet expand throughout the day. Just right or a little too big is advisable to accommodate our feet when they expand. The right fit is important so that you look and feel like this throughout the day.

Tie the knots twice if your shoes have knots for stability. Only when you feel comfortable in your shoes do you radiate wonder from the inside, which is clearly manifested in your poses.