Wedding Flowers Gives The Bang For Buck

Wedding Flowers Gives The Bang For Buck

Usually, when a couple inquires about wedding flowers with us for the first time, they send a list of items along with awesome photos from Pinterest and ask about the cost. The reality is that few people can afford these pictures. These photos are taken from celebrity weddings or corporate events, where the budget is usually larger.

That’s why we always ask all our couples to let us know what they feel comfortable doing. Then we will try to create a day for you that suits it. We are aware of the costs involved and always try to offer the best value for money, regardless of the budget. We guide engaged couples on where to spend and how to save.

Flowers are expensive, there is no way to get around them. That being said, we learned that there are ways to take your budget a step further, and we wanted to share our advice:

We recommend that you design flowers by color and style rather than by exact flower varieties for more flexibility.

Choose flowers in season to help your budget stretch further. Usually, flowers are more readily available and affordable in the season.

If you want a big statement piece, remember to reuse it for your reception. But remember, then you pay for additional manpower and time for someone to move your understanding. Ask your florist about the options they can recommend for you to make this work for you.

Some flowers have an additional cost. But this does not mean that they are prohibited. Consider incorporating them into your wedding among other affordable flowers. Take a look at our alternatives for bride favorites…

Roses in garden style for lovers of peonies

A popular choice for many, the soft and fluffy flowers of peonies are a romantic choice. Peonies are available in a range of colors, ranging from white, and soft roses to lighter corals and deep shades of red. They usually appear in April and disappear at the end of June. So, if you are really determined to have peonies in your wedding flowers, then book a date during this time!

If peonies are not available for your appointment, we usually orient our couples to garden-style roses, which are more readily available throughout the year. There are many varieties and colors available that have an appearance similar to a peony with layers of disheveled petals. In addition, roses in the garden style sometimes come with the addition of the most beautiful fragrance.

Do you like foliage? Try potted plants

The foliage has become a favorite for weddings. This is understandable with so many incredible and exciting options available. Local varieties with shiny and bolder tropical leaves, we love it!

If you want your budget to expand further, why not use plants instead of cutting stems, this can be an inexpensive way to create volume, and you will get the plants after the wedding. Give them to the guests after the wedding. Or take them home to plant them for a beautiful reminder and memory of your wedding day. It is also a more durable option than the use of cut stems, which must be discarded immediately.

Mini plants such as succulents or cacti are a great wedding favor and will also be part of the decoration of your table!

Opt for spray roses

Roses are a classic choice for a wedding. And with so many varieties available, it is often possible to find affordable alternatives to expensive varieties like David Austen. (However, if you want a more seasonal option, why not consider dahlias? Especially in the fall, when British varieties are abundant).

Aerosol roses can also be an affordable alternative to a single standard head rose. These are smaller but are perfect in smaller settings. Aerosol roses are ideal for bridal flowers, for example, boutonnieres or hair flowers.

Replace the hydrangea with cloves

Hydrangeas are available in a variety of colors and shapes. So, florists use hydrangea to create various styles, from “natural garden” to more modern textured displays.

As versatile as they may be, they can be extremely expensive. So if you need to look for an affordable strain, why not consider cloves instead? Carnations are not the most popular choice of flowers but do not cancel them. They have so much potential, and there are so many new varieties that appear in all sorts of beautiful tones. Carnations can be a great addition to your wedding.

Dense petal layers are an excellent substitute for bold hydrangea heads. Especially if they are tightly grouped, they take a new presence.

Sub Mini anthuriums for orchids

These long-stemmed orchids are a good choice if you want a modern or tropical touch to your flowers. However, the requirement to import orchids from all over the world can make them expensive. There are many varieties of orchids, so ask your florist and he may be able to recommend you an alternative variety.

A fun alternative is the mini anthuriums, which are smaller and more delicate than the standard varieties, they are available in a range of beautiful shades, ranging from deep red and black to pretty pink and pastel shades. Overlay mini-anthuriums with other flowers or a small cluster can be a focal point in an arrangement.

All in all, the best thing is to talk to your florist and use his experience to make the most of your flowers. Be open to their advice and the alternatives that they offer.