Yezdi Adventure Roadster And Scrambler

Yezdi Adventure Roadster And Scrambler

Yezdi Motorcycles has made a comeback in the Indian market under the umbrella of classic legends. Since its launch, this revived brand has aroused great interest among enthusiasts and fans of retro-modern motorcycles. We had the opportunity to test the three motorcycles on and off-road.

Yezdi has done some good things with the three motorcycles and most of them are in the aesthetic department. Contemporary stylistic elements of the motorcycles of the last century add to the timeless charm of this jezdis. The roadster is most focused on the route of the three and its low stance reflects its intention to be a capable cruiser. His style is further enhanced by the attention to detail he has received. Yezdi did a good job of flavoring the motorcycle with small but tasty elements that enhance its overall attractiveness.

The Scrambler is undoubtedly the showstopper. Its dual-use style attracts a lot of attention and is also more functional. The motorcycle we were allowed to ride was equipped with some accessories that further improved its cross-country ability. In contrast to the Roadster, which has two exhaust openings and thus two silencers, the two exhausts of the Scrambler gush out of a one-to-two system. Although it improves the appearance of the motorcycle, in retrospect it felt that it could only use one muffler or borrow the cylinder head of the roadster and had two exhaust openings.

In comparison, the adventure has the most recognizable design of the lot and clearly demonstrates the suitability of the motorcycle for rough things and long road trips. At 220 mm, it has the highest ground clearance of the three and the largest number of accessories. In addition to headlight protection and lever protection among other optional extras, you can also opt for packaging bags and a top box for long-distance drivers.

The three motorcycles retain their connection with modern times through the use of a fully digital instrument console. The layout is the same for all models, but it is packaged differently in Adventure. This is mainly due to the fact that the display of the Adventure can be tilted up to 15 degrees to improve the visibility of the display while standing and driving.

When we asked you, our readers, what you should know about these motorcycles right away, you asked us some questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

How would you describe the driving position of the roadster?

I would call it a neutral cruise position. The rider’s upper body is straight and quite relaxed, and the handlebars are convenient for most riders. Unlike most cruisers, the footrests are placed in the center. This arrangement could be very useful for driving in the city, while tall drivers can feel cramped over long distances.

What do you say about The yezdi surprise absorbers?

The roadster and Scrambler have a fixed suspension (not uncomfortable). The first is quite planted with speeds of movement, penetrating small bumps and broken road spots without much noise. Meanwhile, the scrambler has a longer travel and can handle rough and even off-road roads much better. The adventure is the only one here that has a monosurprise on the back. There is a plush walk on the rough surfaces and can also handle the trail well. Of the three, the adventure seems to be best equipped for our roads.

Does the scrambler receive a Bluetooth connection?

No, it’s not that. Bluetooth connectivity is limited to adventure.

Is the Scrambler seat comfortable?

Yes, the seat is well padded and comfortable enough. However, we still have to test the long-distance riding comfort of the motorcycle.

Does the yezdi Scrambler engine have a heating problem?

All three motorcycles are powered by a liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine of 334 cm3, and during our test, we did not find any abnormal heat readings on any of the motorcycles.

Are the packaging bags and the topbox of the Adventure standard?

No, they are not offered as standard equipment. Holders and packaging bags are offered as accessories.

How is off-road adventure?

The Advenutre can handle light terrain and its suspension is compliant to absorb rough elements. However, the absence of the growl in the lower part of the rev range and the rather high gearbox make it far from pleasant for a narrow technical trail.

How energy efficient are these motorcycles?

Yezdi claim that these motorcycles will return anywhere between 33 and 35 km / h.

What is the price difference between the Yezdi Adventure and the Royal Enfield Himalayan?

The Yezdi Adventure costs Rs 2.10 Lakh, while the Royal Enfield Himalayan costs Rs 2.14 Lakh; both prices are valid from the showroom.

Do you have anything you want to know about these motorcycles? Ask us and we will answer your request as soon as possible. Your request may also appear in this section.